Innocent Apple Juice pack
Innocent fruit tubes
are currently on sale in tesco!

Vitasia - Coconut ice cream in a coconut shell! found in lidl supermarket special offer £1.99 

really soft creamy coconut flavour ice cream with shredded coconuts running through it! in a tiny coconut shell! really nice!! 4/5

shoyueMi- spring onion flavour
tastes like uncooked instant noodle
lol weird but pretty kool

Dairy Milk Oreo
dairy milk chocolate with i think its white chocolate or milk flavour and oreo biscuit bits running thru it..
pretty nice but i feel like i’ve had something similar to it before nothing special . 3/5

Today is the 3rd! birthday of my blog!!! Thank you everyone for your lovely support!! xoxo

Today is the 3rd! birthday of my blog!!! Thank you everyone for your lovely support!! xoxo

Yokoso-Island Garden
taster menu £16.80 

Yokoso is a japanese/korean restaurant that has a normal menu where u can order your main dishes, but they also have something called a taster menu, which is sort of like hisushi’s sushi buffet.

how it works is, you are given two list, a hot food list and a sushi list. you are allowed to order 7 hotfood item but you have to order it all at once and 5 sushi roll (at a time) from the sushi menu which you can reorder as many times as you want within your time limit which is 1hr and half. there is a penalty for not finishing your food. the amount of food you get depend on how many people are in your group so if your in a group of two they will provide you two portion of each item you have ordered.

the choice of sushi are really limited

food was average 2/5 service was average 2/5 price was expensive considering hisushi quality of food is alot better for a cheaper price i think hisushi is around £14/15

Lorchidee- boutique patisserie
London westfield stratford city
macaroons -watermelon and ferrero rocher
£1.70 each which is kind of pricey..

firstly the watermelon was very colorful and cute! the flavour was just like watermelon sweets, but also quite refreshing, the texture was very nice has a slightly crisp on the outside chewy on the inside. 4/5 

ferrero rocher one was slightly thicker, it had a chewer inside than the watermelon, i thought it was a bit overly sweet, it just felt a bit too chocolately after. 3/5

overall it was nice but over priced, prefer the fruiter ones than the chocolate ones.

Sugoi! cookies&cream flavoured cream wafer! (premium Luxury)

Hi guy! look at this beautifully decorated wafer tin!!! beautiful artwork! very nice packaging!

the biscuit itself is pretty nice, little bit too sweet for me but nice balance between filling and the outter wafer..

i cant remember how much i bought it for.. i think it was around £1.88-£2.88 so it wasnt too pricey! but i bought it mainly because the packaging was so nice!

Marukyo - Meisaku

Hi guys!!! so i finally decided to buy this pack of Japanese tea cakes!! i’ve been looking at it for a while but it costs about £4.95 i think so its a but pricey for me and i wasn’t sure if they were nice..

so it contains 18 pc
2 x red bean flavour ( which has peach mountain) ( my chinese reading lol japanese prob hav a diff meaning)
2 x chestnut flavour (chestnut looking one )
4 x sweeten milk and white anko filling in a blossom shape very cute!!
5x greentea filled lil balls
5x redbean filled lil balls

they all tasted really good!! its not overly sweet at all! the outside is a lovely light soft texture!!!


P.S if u want to buy this i bought it from see woo cash and carry in charlton greenwich london .. otherwise you might find it in japan center.. price may different depending on where you get it ..

hi Guys!! if you follow american youtubers you might of heard of ‘quest bars’ they are really popular in america for being one of the most tasty protein bar.. they are now available in London!!! but really expensive! i bought this one for £2.50!! apparently this one is the most popular flavour ” cookies and cream”

To be honest! i’ve not had many protein bars but to me this taste simular to a naked bar but more dry.. i don’t think its anything special..