Hi guys!!!
as a child i grew up eating pop pan cookies!!! and now they have mini pop pans!! they are soo adorable!!! but taste nowhere as gd as the originals!!!

Egg and Bacon Muffin from Jamie Oliver’s Fabulous Feast stall £4.95
althought it was a long wait for them to make it, it was served hot! egg perfectly cooked! really tasty bacon on top of a buttery toasted muffin.. it was very messy to eat.. but it was really nice.. 3/5 

The other picture was a savoury crepe from creperie angelie.. £4.50.. i got the egg and bacon crepe lol! yes im totally a fatty that loves eggs and bacon.. there was a huge queue for this place but surprisingly they managed the queue really quickly! again it’s a stall!.. it was pretty nice but i think the crepe was too buttery for me.. i felt like a crepe so buttery would have been better as an dessert rather than a savory treat! but it was still tasty!! again it was served nice a hot! and i looved the packaging!!! it was soo kool they had a section where you would peel and it was turn into a smaller cone! makems eating so much easier 2.5/5

both stall were from Bicestervillage outlet.. London branch! if i had to choose jus one to have i would definately go for the Jamie Oliver one!

<p>Kitkat made for toasting <br/> really tasty if you can find!!! fortunately my friend gave me one to try! hehe!


Bento Ramen -Camden
california roll £4.50 
sake ochazuke (salmon rice with green tea) £4.50 
seafood wonton& honey roasted pork ramen £7.90 

i finally found tea rice dish!!! i’ve been searching high and low for it since i came bk from japan!! but i was a little disappointed! the tea was warm so when i poured it into the rice it became cooler than how i would of liked it.. the sushi was alright wasn’t amazing.. the noodle soup tasted good, noodle wasnt too bad! did not like the wonton! but i’ve never really liked any wonton thats not made by my mom so can’t blame them for that! lol! and we ordered two honey ice green tea! it cost £1.80 each and tasted like water was sooo disappointed!! do not ever order that!!
anyhoo! so overall it was a little over price for what we had, it wasn’t much food and it wasnt amazing service wasn’t great aswell..
i would rate it 2.5-3/ 5

Chicago Town -Limited Edition Bbq Sizzler.
pretty good! first time having a stuffed crust home bake pizza, burnt it a little but pretty good!

Whitworths sprinkles!! they were on sale 50p each!!! hopes they&#8217;ll taste as gd as they look! x

Whitworths sprinkles!! they were on sale 50p each!!! hopes they’ll taste as gd as they look! x

Zaibatsu Japanese Fushion

Dragon roll
rainbow roll
spicy salt and pepper deep fried squid

Really good! would be better if it was it was slightly warmer! but really tasty! fish was nice and fresh! order came reasonably quick! staff was lovely! only downside was that the table was a bit small the restaurant was quite small so it felt a bit cramped. overall i really like it! i would recommend!

Taywell fresh fruit sorbet Yuzu flavour!
really nice soft sorbet with a refreshing citrus flavour.
£1.80 Japan Centre

Oreo ice cream sandwich £2.50 x6 (asda)
soft orea cookie with oreo flavour ice cream.. pretty nice! 3/5

Taco Bell - Lakeside shopping centre 3rd floor.
big box meal £5.99 
contains : pulled pork taco , chicken burrito, nachos, churros, salsa sauce and chocolate sauces.
burrito wasnt very nice it was really soggy inside but the taco was really good, first half of the nacho was really good but it got really spicy at the bottom.. churros was just hard didnt have a fluffy texture inside, the chocolate sauce tasted really cheap overall i would give it a 2/5 i wouldn’t have it again.